Do other people’s energies leave you feeling fatigued and stressed?

If so, please join David where you will be taught exercises that have been scientifically validated* to:

  • Experience less fatigue, feelings of depletion and burn out.
  • Reduce less internal noise or mental chatter.
  • Increase adaptation resources and stress resilience.
  • Increase the energy available for healing.
  • Enable more vital energy to be available at the end of a busy day.
  • Activate, ground, manage and strengthen your personal energy sources.
  • Gain a stronger connection to intuition and internal knowledge.

Some of the many talented speakers for the first annual conference of HPH

As you know, we will hold our first annual Helping Parents Heal conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 13-15th, 2018.  We are thrilled about the many talented presenters who have agreed to speak as well as the 100+ parents who have already said they would join us for this joyful event.

Pictured above are some of our esteemed guest speakers, including George Anderson as well as (from left to right): Suzanne Giesemann,Susanne WilsonDr. Gary SchwartzBill GuggenheimDr. Mark PitstickMark Ireland,Roberta GrimesErnie Jackson, Jake Samoyedny, Judith HancoxDavid RouterSheri Perl MigdolPaula StephensDr. Craig HoganSara Ruble and Christine Salter.

We have a special conference page with speaker bios and photos on our website,, with a link at the bottom of each page.

Heart & Soul Productions was created to share the message and techniques that have changed my life.

From the heart

Heart and Soul Productions develops retreats and seminars designed to inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

Are you looking to find a pathway to heal and find joy and experience sustainable resilience in your daily life? In addition to individuals seeking a path to heal, these programs and seminars will serve as recognized alternative training for health care professionals including naturopaths, chiropractors, and occupational therapists.

Our seminars will offer you a retreat from your daily schedule and inspire you to activate, ground and protect your energy, enabling you to experience more resilience and vitality at the end of your workday.

Heart and Soul Productions in collaboration with other production companies develops seminars and retreats to encourage individuals to reconnect with their energy. Live a life with more meaning, authenticity, and purpose! HSP designs, coordinates and produces workshops, seminars, programs, training courses, and events focused on holistic wellness, healing, and personal growth within a scientific-aligned framework.

Workshop topics include:

  • Mastering Self Healing
  • Mastering Subtle Energy
  • Mastering Healing Energy
  • Mastering Advanced Energy Mechanics

Heart and Soul seminars are designed for: 

  • Individuals who have experienced loss and are looking to find a pathway towards healing.
  • Health care professionals who experience fatigue due to the energy drain related to the care of others.
  • Highly sensitive people who are looking for tools to protect themselves from taking on others manipulative or draining energy.
  • People who have experienced loss, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and depression.
  • Anyone looking for a natural alternative to improving their emotional state by learning to ground and move their energy, reconnect to self-love, and the power of self-healing.

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Suite 300
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Office Phone:  480-607-2662