Recovering from debilitating loss often seems impossible – as if your world can never again include joy, peace or gratitude.

I know this feeling first-hand. My life was forever changed in 2011 when my 18-year-old daughter, Alex, died in a car accident on her way to college in northern Arizona.  There are no words to describe the pain, the despair I felt. Our family was distraught; my son lost his best friend. Our hearts and souls ached for her physical presence, her boisterous laugh, creative mind, sense of humor and her passion for living in the moment.

The pain of such loss may ease over the years, but the empty space remains.  The love never ends and the connections will always be a part of me. Yet, it is in honor of this love and her love for me that I made the decision to begin the journey to find a path to healing – to return to the life that holds promise and possibility.  The journey from loss to love wasn’t easy but it became possible.  I am so grateful to have found a path back to a life of joy and fulfillment – and the bonus of finding my life purpose.

Heart & Soul Productions was created to share the insights and techniques that changed my life. In the beginning I didn’t know why this process was working. I simply knew it did.  It is my great joy to help share the profound work of Australian energy instructor and visionary author David Router. He guided me – and countless others – through the process of self-healing, rejuvenation and self-discovery.  Together, we offer this healing and re-energizing process – the foundation of Heart & Soul Productions. As with all who are open to discovery and self-empowered growth, we have collaborated with other like-minded professionals in the field of natural, holistic healthcare who bring exceptional insights, alternative healing modalities and life-enhancing information and seminars. In collaboration with these teachers, healers and researchers, Heart & Soul Productions shares these possibilities for healing, growth and self-empowerment.

My journey to heal

Before Alex’s sudden death, my world was full of joy and gratitude: two wonderful children, a decades-long marriage, a highly successful corporate career, financial security and a wide circle of friends.  Then everything changed.

No parent should outlive his or her child.  The loss of Alex brought with it a persistent, cavernous grief that seemed to engulf and suffocate me.  Accepting the reality of Alex’s death was beyond any pain I had ever experienced or imagined.  While I struggled for months, knowing I had to create a safe, loving place for Alex’s brother and support him in this tragedy, it became obvious that his spirit, his resilience was strong.  I was the one falling deeper into despair.  Then Alex came to me one night in a dream. Her message gave me comfort – and hope: “Mom, how would you have wanted your mom to live her life if you had left her at 18? Please do not be sad for me as I am safe and happy, which is all you ever wanted for me.”  I knew that Alex had given me permission to heal – and she expected me to live my life every day knowing this is what she wants for me. On those days I wanted to hide and cry I could feel her arms around me, reminding me that it is okay to have bad days – but I needed to find a path to heal and find joy again. I now embrace each opportunity to honor and celebrate Alex. I was able to heal because Alex wanted me to find joy again and live my life with gratitude.  I made the decision to do just that!

One thing I know for sure: The Universe sent me exactly what I needed exactly when I was ready for it. And not a
minute before.  The process to find David Router was convoluted and took some time.  But the results were quick. I realized that my daughter, Alex was with me every moment, guiding me on my unfamiliar path; we were separated only by the illusionary veil created by the transition from this world to the next. Through David’s instruction and guidance I was able to recover my energy, find my purpose and reclaim my joy.  He made it very clear that I was to do the work and take responsibility for my own healing; he was merely my instructor. The most unexpected result of this energy work is that I have found my life purpose: to support others ready to heal to find their personal path through offering a variety of holistic, natural alternative healing modalities and healers to enable others to experience healing and recreate lives of joy and love.

This is the foundation and purpose of Heart & Soul Productions.  Even for those who have experienced other trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and emotional or physical abuse, the path begins with the decision to heal.  David’s insights and techniques are invaluable for everyone who chooses self-empowerment and personal growth.

David’s journey to teach

Before an out-of-body experience changed his life in every aspect, David Router had enjoyed a highly successful and lucrative 20-year career as an executive chef in some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most affluent resorts and restaurants. This profound wake-up call propelled David to embrace his exceptional gifts and revitalize his spiritual journey – his life purpose.

While other little boys played with cars and trucks, David played with energy. He could see energy – its amazing shapes, colors and movements – and loved exploring ways to manipulate it.  And he could see and communicate with lingering spirits of those who had passed. As he grew older, it became very apparent that he simply needed to stop listening to these messages (intuition) and his guides and join in with the “normal” people.

After completing a four-year apprenticeship as a chef, he landed a position as head chef, which soon evolved into the role of executive chef in many resorts around Australia and New Zealand. The long hours, stress and pressure weren’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle or relationships.  And this years-long period of “silence” proved devastating in every way. With his life a mess, David knew it was time to reconnect – to listen to his guides and teachers and reconnect to his life energy –self-love, life purpose and potential.  While the process wasn’t pleasant, he learned a valuable lesson: People feel anxious, burned-out and suffer when they are disconnected from their energy.

In his late 30s David decided to walk away from that career and bought a concrete transport business – fewer hours and no staff headaches. A year later while traveling down the highway at more than 60 miles per hour in a loaded cement truck, the traffic in front of him suddenly stopped.  He had nowhere to go and no way to stop this massive truck in time.  Families on bikes peddling around Australia covered the side of the highway.  In a literal split second, he decided that he could not/would not hurt or kill anyone.

At that moment, he quickly veered the truck to go over the embankment bordering where another road was under construction. At this instant, his spirit body lifted up and out from the truck, and “he” watched the scene from above. The truck was traveling at a perilous angle, ready to fall over. To David’s astonishment, his grandfather was sitting in the driver’s seat – though he had passed away years earlier! His uncle was sitting in the passenger seat.

As the truck safely bounced onto the road under construction, David was swept back into his body, which was still seated in the driver’s seat in the cabin of the truck. When he put his foot on the break, the truck had no weight to it and it came to an easy stop. This entire incident happened in a flash. Completely unharmed, he hopped out of the truck, expecting to see serious damage. There was not even a single scratch. That’s when he heard his grandfather’s voice say, “Do what you’re meant to do, my boy!”

David eventually sold the concrete business and accepted his life purpose and move into this service. David confirms, “It was this incredible wake-up call that spurred me to make these life-changing decisions, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Embracing his Life Work

In his self-exploration, David rediscovered his natural ability to see, move and direct energy in himself, others and the natural world around him. His environment became alive with ENERGY. He learned the keys to creating a life of infinite possibilities – free of conscious and subconscious self-imposed limitations. David gives credit for much of his growth and insights to his Guides, the highly evolved spiritual beings who instruct, guide and protect him. By acknowledging and accepting this Divine instruction, he has been able to consciously connect to the Infinite Energy Source, and teach others these energy-activating, grounding and healing techniques.

Reflective Body MechanicsTM (RBM), the instructional course David created, is his proprietary process of movements, visualization and focus. As ongoing scientific research has substantiated the existence and effects of subtle energy, David’s process has expanded to include Subtle Energy DynamicsTM. RBM is the series of energy rejuvenation exercises that empower individuals to activate, ground and mange their energy sources. This allows one to move energy and connect to personal subtle, intuitional messages and self-love, which enables self-healing and sustainable resilience in daily life.

David’s life work is to share this information and help others learn to connect to self-healing energy in order to recover from trauma, loss, stress and conflict. Quite simply, David helps people master their energy and create more resilience in their daily lives, enabling them to feel more joy, purpose, and gratitude.